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Medical Massage

Medical Massage Therapy at Euclid Medical Group


Euclid Medical Group uses massage in our treatment programs in an effort to provide the highest quality of care. Our massage therapist, who is trained in clinical massage, can use a variety of bodywork procedures appropriate to the person/condition being treated.

Most of these procedures will involve releasing the body from a dysfunctional holding pattern that has developed as a result of the client’s accommodating to a recent or old injury or misuse.


Among these medical massage procedures are:

  • Neuromuscular/Myofascial Therapy— a method of carefully searching for and treating ischemic location and the trigger points that are often the key factors in chronic and severe pain. This type of therapy is widely acclaimed and extremely successful in pain relief.
  • Fascial Release— very gentle, subtle manipulation of the fascial planes to release and normalize fascial sheaths. Because the subtleties of this therapy require a well-trained, sensitive therapist, few patients have previously been able to experience its benefits.
  • Positional Release— a very gentle release wherein the dysfunctional part is placed in a position of complete, pain-free relaxation and allowed to normalize its function during a 90-second period of neuromuscular reorganization.
  • Post-isometric Muscle Release— gently facilitated joint movement to assist a muscle in regaining a normal, relaxed length. The client actively participates.
  • Energy Release— passive touch used in such a manner as to help the client’s nervous system release and normalize dysfunctional holding patterns.
  • Swedish Massage— a systematic application of procedures known to enhance the circulation of blood and lymph (among other benefits).


The procedures described above are helpful for an incredible number of symptoms that arise when musculoskeletal problems exist. It is impossible to list with any completeness the disorders that have been successfully treated. Instead, we have listed below some general symptoms that may indicate muscular problems that can be treated, and which could be the unsuspected origins of serious physiological dysfunctions.


Call Euclid Medical Group today for an evaluation to determine if one of our massage programs can help you recover from your medical conditions.